An Extensive Range of Clinical Optometry Services

An extensive range of clinical optometry services are provided at each of our four Gold Coast locations.

Our optometrists have special interests in contact lenses and ortho-keratology vision correcting therapy, children’s vision and learning difficulties, ocular disease diagnosis and treatment, computer vision syndrome, and aviation vision accreditation, plus all aspects of general optometry care.

Emergency Service

Emergency care is available every day for patients with urgent problems including broken spectacles, red or sore eyes, or if you have any sudden loss of vision. Please contact us immediately.

Andrew and Celia are licensed to prescribe therapeutic eyedrops to treat various conditions and are able to write prescriptions for the PBS.

Envision Optical Services

Our Services Include:

  • Complete visual and eye health examination
  • Childrens vision examination and learning and visual processing assessment
  • Contact lens assessment and fitting
  • Ortho-K Vision Correction Therapy
  • Diagnosis and treatment of red eyes
  • Glaucoma assessment
  • Diabetes screenings
  • Cataract assessment
  • Macular Degeneration assessment
  • OCT Nerve and Retina Scanning
  • Digital Retinal Photography
  • Computer Vision assessment
  • Colour vision assessment
  • Aviation Vision Assessments
  • Workplace Eye Safety
  • Comprehensive Low Vision Assessment
  • Home visits for the house-bound
  • Drivers Licence vision screenings including heavy vehicle
  • Veterans affairs consultations