Specialty Optical Lenses

We believe our whole reason for our professional existence is vision.

We want our patients to see everything that life lets you experience. We always perform comprehensive eye health exams to preserve your vision, and when your world gets a little blurred we sharpen it up by recommending the best lens technology to bring things back in focus.

Believe it or not lenses aren't just little bits of rounded plastic.

Tens of millions of dollars are spent every year by lens companies on research to always make things that little bit clearer for you. And because we want you to have the clearest possible vision we always recommend the best quality lenses with the highest quality coatings. All of our lenses have 2 year guarantees against any defects, with automatic replacement of faulty lenses.

The following options will ensure you have the clearest vision to enjoy your lifestyle:

  • Cutting edge progressive lens technology utilizing wavefront advanced vision enhancement. Just like HD Plasma TV’s these lenses give wearers the clearest and sharpest vision with the widest reading area available.
  • Wavefront enhanced aspheric single vision lens technology for the widest clear zone possible and no peripheral lens distortions or aberrations. Instant adaptation for any prescriptions.
  • Generation 5 anti-reflection coatings: Used on camera lenses to eliminate reflections and give crystal clear photos, anti-reflection coatings ensure maximum light transmission into your eyes for best vision, elimination of distracting lens surface reflections, and maximum cosmetic appearance of your new spectacles.
  • Look your best and complement your fashion frames with the thinnest and lightest lenses available. No more heavy glasses with high index thin and light lenses.
  • Protect your eyes at work with amazing Phoenix impact resistant plastic. High quality optical performance and guaranteed against, cracking, splitting or breaking, If you work in a risky environment, you can rest easy wearing Phoenix lenses because your eyes are behind bullet-proof shields.
  • Transitions 6: Photochromatic light reaction variable tinting now available in generation 6, to give the fastest, clearest and darkest tint changing lens available. Maximum convenience and 100% UV protection, make Transition lenses an ideal option for most wearers.
  • Drivewear: The world’s first variable tint polarized lens technology, to ensure maximum comfort against glare at all times of the day.
  • Nupolar Polarised Lenses: The highest quality polarized lens technology available to ensure maximum visual comfort in high glare situations like the water, roads or snow. If you find yourself sensitive to glare and squint even when you have your sunnies on, polarized lens technology is for you. Available in all prescription types including progressive lens technology.

We not only recommend the best lens technology available, we back it up with qualified staff who have undergone the specialized training required to solve your visual needs. All branches have registered optical dispensers who have tertiary training in optical dispensing and mechanics, ensuring expert advice when selecting lenses. Furthermore, all Envision Optical staff attend regular training meetings to ensure comprehensive knowledge of the latest technological advances in optical lenses.