If you are a regular reader of our blogs you will know that in numerous posts during 2016 we have spoken about the affect of the digital age on our eye sight and how eating the right foods can influence the health of your eyes.

It was great to then read an article in the Courier Mail on Sunday regarding how we can protect our children’s sight. For me this article highlighted all the things Envision Optical has been saying and reinforces why our core belief is prevention through education rather than just treatment of symptoms.

The 5 main points were:

  • LIMIT SCREENS: Zero time for under-2s, one hour for 2- to 5 year-olds and two hours for 5- to-18-year-olds. Take a break every 20 minutes.
  • EAT COLOURFUL VEG: Antioxidants (particularly lutein from leafy greens) have been shown to help the retina stay healthy.
  • REGULAR CHECKS: Have your kids’ eyes checked by an optometrist at age 3, and every two years after that.
  • 90 MINUTES DAILY OUTSIDE PLAY: This is essential for normal eye growth and to prevent strain.
  • SUNGLASSES: UV rays damage the eyes, so choose sunnies with 100 per cent UV protection. Eyes still get the benefits from sunlight.

If you would like to find out more a link to the full article has been provided below:


So with the school holidays on the horizon it’s a great opportunity for the kids to eat healthy, play outside and book an appointment with your local optometrists before school goes back.

All initial examinations are bulk-billed to Medicare. No referral is needed.

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