Calvin Klein Collection at Envision Optical

Calvin Klein Inc was founded in 1968 originally only selling coats in New York and has emerged with stunning growth to be one of the leading fashion triumphs of the modern century.

In the 1970’s it won the loyalty of young working woman as well as those of mature wealthier buyers. Calvin Klein was described as a “supreme master of minimalism” by Vogue magazine.  The brand will continue to lure the young and the young at heart to its simplistic yet intoxicating style. The CK essence will continue to be cyber chic and provoke a sense of youthfulness mixed with an urban trendy groove.

The Collection

The ck Calvin Klein collection is modern, comfortable and sleek. It is the perfect accessory for business or evening attire and has the diversity to help you settle your fashion lust but leaving you with a sense of timeless sophistication.