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Accommodative-Convergence Vision Therapy

Envision offers accommodative-convergence vision therapy programs to improve these important visual skills.

Focusing (accommodation) helps keep objects clear and must occur quickly with minimal effort. Eye teaming (convergence) ensures our two eyes are working together and pointing to the same place. Often these skills can breakdown causing the many and varied symptoms of visual fatigue.

"Vision Therapy offers the opportunity to rebuild and strengthen these skills so that vision can once again be clear and comfortable at all times."

Vision Therapy is conducted in six week blocks, including once a week 30 minute in-office sessions. Generally 1-2 blocks are required for accommodative-convergence dysfunctions, however this may vary. Homework activities are given and must be practiced under parental supervision a minimum of five times per week and should take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete.

The accommodation-convergence vision therapy program costs $450 for the first six week block with subsequent blocks costing $300. This includes the cost of the in-office weekly vision therapy sessions with the optometrist and Medicare will also be directly billed for this visit, at no additional cost to you. Each program is individualized for you or your child’s specific needs.

Vision Therapy


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