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Lens technology improves every year so almost 100% of people are suitable for contact lens vision correction.

Lens fitting includes a comprehensive history, specialized measurement including digital corneal topography measurement for optimum lens shape design, and a full assessment of your eye health to ensure your suitability for safe and healthy contact lens wear. With disposable lens options, we have comprehensive fitting sets of diagnostic trial lenses on site in every practice so that most prescriptions can be trialling a lens with no delay.

After a suitable lens is fitted for trial, you will be trained in all aspects of caring for your lenses, including do’s and don’ts, cleaning procedures for healthy wear, correct lens insertion and removal techniques, and a full explanation of risks and what to do if anything goes wrong. For peace of mind, emergency contact details are always provided.

All of the above applies to custom-made lenses, that like a tailored suit or dress is uniquely manufactured to fit only you. All lenses have full warranties. Just don’t lose them!

All patients are booked for follow up lens aftercare visits in the immediate weeks and months to ensure correct adaptation to lens wear, a solution to any arising problems, and prevention of future difficulties. We recommend all contact lens wearers are reviewed at least annually to ensure safe, healthy and successful ongoing lens wear.

Types of Contact Lenses


Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP)

Mini Scleral


Disposables 2 weeks

Disposables 1 month

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