Converse Collection at Envision Optical

The incredible heritage of Converse began in 1908 when Maquis Mills Converse opened the doors of the Converse Rubber Shoe factory.

Its birth was based on the need for Converse to be independent enough not to follow every other company in everything they do. Those values would prove prophetic when in1917 the company debuted its first high performance basketball sneakers, the Converse All Star. The following year, Charles “Chuck” Taylor, an All American high school player put on the first pair of All Star shoes. The pinnacle moment was in 1923 when Converse added Chuck Taylor’s signature to the All Stare patch. It is now one of the most enduring consumer icons in modern history.

Between 1948-1958 came the invention of Rock & Roll. It was loud, lewd, filthy and everything everyone who feared it said it was. It was also a movement in search of a uniform: It found the leather jacket, the blue jean and the infamous Converse high-top sneaker. The brand was built for basketball-but there was something about its brashness and brightness that would make it irresistible to a generation of rockers, skaters and rebellious souls. The best brands are the ones that go along with the vibe and are embraced by culture itself. The “Chucks” have been prevalent in the world of alternative music from safety-pin-pierced punk rockers of the late 70’s to the flannel- shirt-clad grunge rockers of the early 90’s. The Converse brand will continue with its no-nonsense approach to fashion and will take everyone for a ride.

The Converse Collection

The Converse collection embraces a deep a sense of history with designs inspired by the one and only Chuck Taylor Hi-Top. The collection is timeless with a sense of youthful energy. The brand is innovative in its style always rethinking, tweaking and perfecting its creations. Converse is only for those who wish to be independent and who don’t just follow.