Different situations require specific types of protective eyewear. The main types are safety glasses, safety goggles and face shields.

Quality products will be anti-fogging to ensure comfortable trouble free wear.

  • Safety Glasses: Similar to regular spectacles but with adequate coverage and side shields, and may be prescription. The lenses are impact and chemical resistant. Available in photochromatic for indoor/outdoor mix.
  • Safety Goggles: Goggles fit snugly around your eyes and offer extra protection from intruding dust and particles
  • Shields: May cover just the eyes or the whole face. May be attached to hard hats. Available with special filters to provide extra protection for welders or laser work


  • Do not rub the eye
  • In the case of cuts, punctures or embedded objects, do not wash the eye or try to remove objects
  • In the event of chemical burns, splash or dust in the eye: flush copiously with cold water for at least 10-15 minutes
  • IF AN EYE INJURY OCCURS SEE AN OPTOMETRIST as soon as possible or go to your nearest emergency department. The full extent of the damage is not always apparent and even seemingly minor injury may cause permanent eye and vision damage if it is not treated immediately.

The optometrists at Envision Optical have undergone post-graduate training in managing traumatic eye injuries. Emergency appointments are available daily.