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The superhero of the eyewear world!

It’s no secret that ic! berlin are built to last a lifetime. (Accidentally) sit on them, step on them, drive over them, the worst that will happen is the temple pops off. No stress – in 3.3 seconds it clips back in like nothing ever happened.

For extra security an ic! berlin anchor clip also locks the temple in place so your glasses will stay in one piece, no matter what. Several models already come with closed hinge as standard.

Its simplistic design and the use of surgical steel makes it one of the most comfortable and innovative eyewear products. The three clip in system is the trademark of this brand and the use of surgical steel makes it one of the most durable frames.



Each pair of ic! berlin glasses really are produced in Berlin, Germany. Their frames are luxury products, hand-finished, piece by piece. This eliminates unnecessary gaps between design, production, and distribution – no “made in china”. At ic! berlin, all of their departments can be found under one roof at the Backfabrik (baking factory) in Berlin Mitte. This is the only way to guarantee the highest degree of quality. When you hold a pair of ic! berlin glasses in your hands, you can feel the difference: the glasses captivate you with their stability of form and their flexibility. The rounded edges caress your fingers. ic! berlin glasses do not allow for compromises.


ic! berlin glasses are made from very flexible 0.5 mm thick stainless steel – cut by laser from one piece of metal, this raw material makes ic! berlin sheet glasses exceptionally lightweight. Between 11 and 28g, that’s it! Spring steel is very flexible and can be adapted to any face. The reliability of extreme lightness and precise adjustment translates to maximum comfort.

ic! berlin glasses are virtually indestructible. Individual parts can be reassembled within seconds and if the metal frame should be bent once, the user can quickly bend it back to it’s original shape.

We place a great deal of value on the steel. The quality of this material determines the overall quality of the glasses. For this reason, we rely solely on german producers, who brew the stuff together in Germany, in exact compliance with our requirements.


If you think steel is only silver think again! ic! berlin frames are colourful, vibrant and shimmering. Thanks to their electric PVD coating the stainless steel frames now sparkle in brilliant colours.

“It’s not a paint-job: we vacuum deposit an extra thin layer of crystals directly into the surface of the metal that reflects light in certain wavelengths, just like a rainbow. The layer is ten times thinner than a human hair and doesn’t tarnish or scratch, making the world-famous ic! berlin hinge even smoother and more resistant to wear”.

For more information on the ic! berlin range follow the this link to their website

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