Etnia Barcelona Collection at Envision Optical

The Etnia Barcelona brand was conceived in 1995 and although only just in its infancy is proving to be a bombshell on the fashion stage.

Etnia, a Spanish leader in eyewear fashion understand that to be the leader they need to be indisputably unique. They differentiate themselves by offering colour combinations and glorious art work that has never been seen before in eyewear.

Etnia Barcelona is a direct blend of young designers with a passion for style and a yearning to create an eyewear collection that reflects a fashion forward spirit, personal style and above all individual expression.

They believe that everyone can create an authentic image for themselves given new values of modernity and freedom. “Only by being free can one create the truth.” Etnia Barcelona is for anyone who doesn’t want to be shackled by momentary and passing fashions and trends but who truly want to express themselves though a colourful infused chaos.

The range is renowned for its use of vibrant colours in daring and imaginative ways incorporating revolutionary colour treatments, and by using classic colours complemented by a more vibrant one. The collection is oozes fun and personality, in bold colours and retro styles. Etnia Barcelona is the perfect compliment to those with adventurous personalities.