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Capsular Fibrosis and YAG Laser

What Is Capsular Fibrosis and YAG Laser?

Posterior capsular fibrosis is the progressive clouding over of the lens capsule membrane that holds your intraocular lens implanted during your cataract surgery.


What Causes It?

The capsular fibrosis is part of the normal healing process following implant of intraocular lens. The problem is that the cloudy lens capsule causes blurred vision.


How Do We Assess It?

Your Envision Optical optometrist will use a slit lamp microscope to carefully examine your posterior capsule and determine the cause of the blurred vision you have been experiencing. They may also dilate your pupils to examine the macular and make sure it appears healthy.



You will be referred back to your cataract surgeon for a procedure called a YAG laser capsulotomy. The laser is used to destroy the cloudy membrane and create a clear hole behind the lens implant. This will restore clear vision in a matter of seconds. There is no pain and recovery is very rapid. A YAG laser procedure is generally performed same day in the office by your ophthalmologist. You will usually notice some floaters or black spots in your field of vision for 1-2 weeks, before they disappear. You will then be referred back to Envision Optical for visual assessment 10-14 days after the laser.


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