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Retinal Detachment

What is Retinal Detatchment?

A retinal detachment is a progressive blinding condition which if not treated will lead to irreversible blindness and loss of the eye.


What Causes It?

Caused by a variety of factors including trauma, a retinal detachment generally occurs when fluid seeps under the retina (the thin film at the back of the eye) and the retina pulls away from the underlying layers. If left untreated the retina will peel off and then be permanently damaged. The initial symptoms may include poor vision in one, sudden loss of vision, flashes and floaters or shadows in peripheral vision.


How Do We Assess It?

Your Envision Optical optometrist will dilate your pupils and carefully examine your peripheral retina. They will also take retinal photographs to record the appearance of the retina for future comparison.



You will be urgently referred to a retinal specialist who will evaluate your condition and look at surgical options to repair the detachment. The surgery will be tailored to the type of retinal detachment. Following surgery you will require months of follow up with your surgeon to ensure full healing. Post operative complications such as blurred vision, double vision and cataracts are reasonably common. Over 90% of cases will be successfully treated with one operation, though some may require multiple surgeries.


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