Fendi Eyewear Collection at Envision Optical


The Fendi legacy began as a small family business founded on creativity, craftsmanship and technology.

The formidable fashion house of Fendi was born n 1925 when Eduardo and Adele Fendi opened their first store in Via Del Pleniscito, Rome. For the Roman bourgeoisie, a trip to “Fendi at the Plebiscito”, became a lavish date with a certain prestige.

In 1946, the five daughters of Eduardo and Adele began working in the family business each bringing a new creative flare to the already mighty powerhouse of fashion. Years later, the Fendi sisters befriended a young rising star making a surge in the Paris design circuit: Karl Lagerfeld. The style of Fendi creates new rules in fashion governing elegance and innovation. Fendi has become a multinational fashion brand representing luxury and premium quality.

The one thing the Fendi collection isn’t is black or white – either in extraordinary ideas or in colour. It is rich with colour and natural elements making it sensual and absolutely divine.

It is an array of lustrous frames crafted of rich zyls and molded metal. Skilled craftsmanship and unique accents make the Fendi collection fashionable and intriguing. The Fendi Collection is luxurious and ultra feminine. In certainty it is something every woman should wear because they will look and feel glamorous doing so. It will definitely leave you breathless with the urge to say –  “Job well done Monsieur Lagerfeld!”