L.A. Eyeworks has been creating original, fiery, invigorating eyewear for the famous and not so famous people since 1979.Completely designed by co-owners Gai Gherardi and Barbara McReynolds, L.A. Eyeworks have completely transformed the way people think about eyewear.

They opened up their first revolutionary gallery style store on then quiet Melrose Avenue and when they realised that there was nothing in the market that inspired them or excited them they decided to design their own brand and L.A. Eyeworks was born. Gai and Barbara have launched their new Fiction range upon the world to continue their crusade against boring eye ware. Their new Fiction range of frames will add a magic touch to any fashion palate.  Fiction by l.a.Eyeworks transcends trends and gives some red carpet pizzaz.

The new designs sparkle in spectacular colours and textures. With geek chick and cat eye glamour the fashionistas can’t keep their eye or paws off the new creations.


The L.A. Eyeworks wearer is someone who is bold, feisty, and has uncensored vision when it comes to fashion. You command attention when you step out and your style is a visual sensation.

A Fiction frame will invite instant curiosity and give you an irresistible air.wear these new shapes you look nicer, kinder, cooler and even smarter!  The Fiction by L.A. Eyeworks has a toot your horn appeal. The collection is full of bright colours, eccentric design and impactful style.


Banished are the severe, tight, angular shapes that flooded and characterised the late 90’s and early 2000’s. L.A. Eyeworks have shaped the future in eyewear by offering mega style sensations and offering innovative hip collections that embrace and accentuate personality.

The new Fiction 13 piece collection reflects the designers’ uncanny desire for clean lines and an exploration of a “Can you Dig it” attitude. The pieces spare no energy in arousing the retina with a combination of ambitious colours on bold surfaces. The acetate frames are vibrant in very glossy surprising hues like sharp pink with purple and black, or juicy, like bright orange, alternated with white and creamy blue.

A final surprise is revealed in the Fiction logo which is made of a unique and environmentally sensitive building  material.  The eco-friendly logo is created from the humble hulls of sunflower seeds,which will have you saying Save a Tree! Eat More Seeds!