If the results of testing indicate a high likelihood of glaucoma you will be referred to an ophthalmologist for confirmation of the diagnosis and commencement of treatment. Treatment is crucial because you will experience loss of vision and gradually go blind if nothing is done.

Most patients are able to be successfully treated by using eye drops which lower the pressure inside your eyes. This has been shown to be an effective treatment to prevent progressive nerve damage and subsequent vision loss. There is no permanent cure. The treatment is ongoing and will require daily instillation of drops, usually for the rest of your life. Initially follow up testing of peripheral vision and optic nerve scans will likely be done at least every six months to monitor for further deterioration to ensure the drops are working.  Envision optical optometrists are able to work co-operatively with your eye specialists to assist in management and even write repeat prescriptions for your eye drops.


If drops are ineffective, further treatments by laser or surgery will be considered by your specialist to effectively lower your eye pressure.  Laser trabeculoplasty treatment consists of targeting the area of the eye that drains out the fluid to more effectively lower the eye pressure. Several treatment sessions are often required. Surgical treatment involves creating a more effective fluid outlet surgically to ensure adequate pressure control. In extreme cases, drainage valves can be inserted into the eye although this is rare. In the vast majority of cases, eye drops will give effective pressure control.