Jil Sander Collection at Envision Optical

Jil Sander launched the first woman’s collection in 1973 featuring distinctive designs for the new generation of businesswoman.

Launching her collection in Paris seemed to be a complete failure and in the 1970’s her focus on fabric quality with a minimalistic design was close to revolutionary in the fashion world but not accepted on the Parisian catwalks next to the more dominant, lavish, colourful and glitzy Dynasty style of designs.

Her style gained recognition in the 1990’s and it has continued to be a European phenomenon ever since and has become known as the epitome of modernity and sophistication.

Jil Sander has an almost cult-like following with the brand representing unconditional dedication to contemporary design, elegance and purity, with innovative materials and exceptional craftsmanship that is expected of a high end luxury brand.

The Jil Sander men’s collection premiered in 1997 in Milan and was seen as a unique fusion of modern masculinity and refined craftsmanship. With Belgian designer Raf Simons now at the helm, the label continues to display the same androgynous, clean-lined aesthetic that made it famous.

The Jil Sander Optical Collection designs and palettes reflect the sophisticated and luxurious world of the brand. Architectural shapes and geometric lines, refined material and colour combinations as well as atypical surface treatments create a subtle modern elegance.