John Varvatos Collection at Envision Optical

Formerly head of menswear design at Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein, John Varvatos started his own fashion label in 1999.

John Varvatos credits his early obsession with rock ‘n roll as the catalyst for his interest in fashion. A unifying theme in his design, it is deeply ingrained in all his efforts and evident in every expression of the brand. The memorable ad campaigns for the main collection have featured such legendary icons as Iggy Pop, Alice Cooper, ZZ Top and Velvet Revolver. If you are ever in New York, take a trip to the iconic John Varvatos boutique on 315 Bowery. This boutique is the space that formerly housed the infamous underground music club CBGB which used to be the forum for American punk and New Wave bands such as Television and The Velvet Undergound.

The John Varvatos collection is a unique blend of vintage details and modern stylings. The collection is renowned for its signature detailing and an uncompromising standard of old world craftsmanship.

The blend of the modern and vintage designs gives the collection a style of easy elegance that is distinctly Varvatos. Most frames can be found with a discreet John Varvatos logo on their temples tips.

The collection is always moving forward but never abandoning it’s rock’n’roll roots. Some designs can be found with small embellishments such as a metal skull inspired by the John Varvatos cufflinks and suite lining fabric, creating that rocker edge to a traditional look.