l.a. Eyeworks Collection In Store

We have discovered another amazing frame brand you’ve never heard of but you should have if you want to set the trends, not follow them.

l.a. Eyeworks has been creating original, fiery, invigorating eyewear for the famous and not so famous since 1979. Completely designed by co-owners Gai Gherardi and Barbara McReynolds, l.a. Eyeworks have completely transformed the way people think about eyewear. They opened up their first revolutionary gallery style store on then quiet Melrose Avenue and when they realised that there was nothing in the market that inspired them or excited them they decided to design their own brand and l.a. Eyeworks was born.

The collection is hip and offers sly references to the past. The design and pure freedom of imagination that pulses from the brand shows a complete obsession with graphic form and colour exploration that is a work of art. The eyewear is free from any unnecessary detailing and each frame speaks for itself revealing the true integrity of a timeless design. They are immediately recognizable for their modern strokes and bold colour innovations, infiltrating the popular culture landscape in everything from art to music to movies.

The collection is a wondrous mix of classic combination frames, round eyes, cats eyes and retro cool.

Check out the l.a. Eyeworks website and their latest news on the blog here.