LaFont Optical Collection

In 1923 Louise Lafont opened up his first optical store in the Madaline area in Paris.

From the opening of the shop by Louis Lafont, to the creation of the brand in 1972 by Philippe and Laurence Lafont, they now have four amazing optical boutiques throughout Paris. The brand focuses on creating individual styles and the use of over 200 colours within the range to ensure that your look is unique. LaFont’s inspiration is the wonderful city of Paris, with its kaleidescope of architecture, art, museums, gastronomic delights and Parisian chic. It’s style now has developed with inspiration from all over the world and the exclusive boutiques hold mysterious and unique collections including the original designs crafted by Louis Lafont.

The personality of a LAFONT is ultimately Parisian but that does not mean you need to be French to enjoy the sumptuous design of the Lafont collection. It is a balance between its shape and its color choice. Their romantic collection is filled with lacy designs and completed with never before seen work on colour and materials.

Through the years the collections have been developed with styles inspired by 40 years of LaFont know-how a constant work on design with a mix of materials and colours. A unique collection of hundreds of pieces inspired by a way of living and a city deeply related to its identity.

A collection that will leave you fantasising of Paris……..forever Paris.