March Promotion

Many of us love enjoying the many outdoor activities the Gold Coast offers up. Surfing, sailing, running, golf, tennis are all activities where glasses might impede both performance and enjoyment.

Contact lenses are a great option for any of these activities, and modern technology means that almost anyone can wear contacts now. They can be worn full time or part time to complement your glasses wear. We have many types we can fit including single wear disposables, multifocals to replace your reading glasses, and even one month extended wear that you can sleep in. Our optometrists are experts in all types of contact lenses, and can help most people who have been told they couldn’t have contact lenses in the past.

This month we have a special promotion running where you get a $50 credit to spend with Envision on sunnies or optical frames, when you purchase a six month supply of J&J contact lenses. If you are interested in contact lens wear please book in for an appointment at one of our branches and we’ll assess your suitability and discuss your options.