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Myopia, commonly called shortsightedness, is a condition in which light is focussed in front of the retina, resulting in blurred vision. Shortsighted people can often see reasonably clearly at short distances, but will not be able to see distant objects clearly. There is currently no cure for myopia, but spectacles, contact lenses and refractive surgery can all provide good distance vision for people with myopia.

With Ortho-K therapy moulds, they reshape the front surface of the eye to focus light clearly on both the peripheral and the central retina. Glasses and daytime contact lenses cannot do this. Hence Ortho-K therapy is the most effective method for slowing (or sometimes halting) the progression of myopia.

Envision Optical invites you to experience a holistic optical solution that will enhance your ability to do the things you love. Visit your nearest branch today!Start Ortho-K Early to Prevent Myopia

Starting myopia control treatment for children at a young age halves the risk of rapid progression in those whose myopia is progressing fast, new research shows.

The study found that the ideal age is six to less-than-nine years for children to start wearing overnight orthokeratology contact lenses to control myopia.

Further, the study showed that older children, including adolescents, can also benefit from ortho-k slowing eye growth and significantly reducing myopia progression, if they showed rapid progression before treatment.

At Envision Optical we have been treating myopic Gold Coast and Tweed Heads patients with ortho-K for almost 15 years. We have found it to be a safe, reliable and effective treatment which gives clear everyday vision and significantly reduces myopia progression in patients, with many of our patients showing no progression in over 5 years. We have treated patients as young as 6 years old, and encourage all parents who are myopic to have their children’s eyes checked as a family history makes them up to 6 times more likely to become myopic. Fortunately stronger glasses every year is no longer the only option.

To find out more about the options for myopia control, please book your kid an eye test today or contact one of our 4 practices for an appointment.

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