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At Envision Optical, we were the first Gold Coast optometrists to offer IPL therapy for dry eyes treatment. For over 20 years of practice on the Gold Coast and Tweed Heads, we have treated countless patients with dry eyes, but have found the limitations of treatment options to be very frustrating. Since 2015 we have  seen outstanding improvements in the symptoms and signs in our dry eye patients after undergoing IPL therapy. A recent study in the medical journal Clinical Ophthalmology added to the body of evidence that IPL is a very effective long lasting therapy for the evaporative form of dry eyes. The study entitled:

Prospective evaluation of intense pulsed light and meibomian gland expression efficacy on relieving signs and symptoms of dry eye disease due to meibomian gland dysfunction

showed improvements of more than 93% in tear evaporation rate; corneal staining, dry eye symptom score and gland health measure improved by more than 50% on average. The authors concluded that in subjects with moderate to severe meibomian gland dysfunction, IPL combined with meibomian gland expression reduced the number and severity of symptoms and signs of dry eye disease secondary to meibomian gland dysfunction.

The results of this study are especially interesting as we have combined these two therapies over the last 18 months due to our observations with our patients in aiming for the most effective, longer lasting improvements. It is great to see our ideas confirmed in this published study, adding to the body of evidence about this excellent treatment options that gets to the root cause of dry eyes.

Envision Optical were the first Optometrists on the Gold Coast with the E-Eye IPL machine. We run a specialty Gold Coast dry eyes service using specialized equipment to diagnose and then treat dry eyes to offer longer lasting relief to our patients.

How do you know if you have Dry-eye syndrome?

The symptoms of dry eye syndrome include:

  • stinging or burning
  • itchiness (particularly in the corners of the eyes)
  • occasional blurred vision
  • redness
  • tired eyes (a feeling like you need to close the eyes)
  • mucus around the eyelids, particularly upon waking
  • a feeling of grittiness, or the sensation of something foreign in the eye (like an eyelash or a grain of sand).

Causes of dry eye

Some of the factors that cause or contribute to dry eye include:

  • ageing, since tear production slows with advancing age
  • menopause
  • medical conditions, such as arthritis
  • medication, including oral contraceptives, antidepressants, antihistamines, diuretics and beta-blockers
  • climatic conditions, such as dry air and wind
  • irritants, such as cigarette smoke, dust or chemical exposure
  • any trauma to the eye (including burns)
  • infrequent or incomplete blinking
  • prolonged periods of time in front of a computer screen
  • laser surgery, cataract surgery.

 Complications of untreated dry eye syndrome

Adequate tear production is vital to the health of the eye. Complications of untreated dry eye can include:

  • ocular discomfort (as described above)
  • transient fluctuations in vision
  • damage to the front surface of the eye (the cornea), which in extreme cases could lead to permanent scarring.

 Diagnosis of dry eye

Envision Optical uses a number of specialized tests to accurately measure and diagnose the severity of dry eyes. This includes technology not commonly utilised including:

  • OSDI Symptom Severity Measurement
  • Tear Lab Osmolarity testing
  • Medmont Digital Tear Stability Diagnostic Scanning and Analysis
  • Careful examination of the tear film and ocular surface using slit lamp microscope
  • Phenol Tear Volume Measurement
  • Evaluation of Meibomian Gland Function

This comprehensive approach to dry eyes leads to accurate diagnosis, sets the baseline status to measure improvement, and ensures treatment plans can be effectively monitored for success. “You’ve got dry eyes, here’s some drops to use”, is not an effective plan to manage dry eyes.
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E-Eye IPL treatment, now available at Gold Coast Optometrists Envision Optical, has a documented success rate of almost 90% in giving significant relief for evaporative dry eyes symptoms, with effects lasting up to 12 months. Treated patients use far fewer drops and experience much greater comfort.

Book your appointment today at Envision Optical for a comprehensive dry eye assessment, to see if you are a candidate for treatment with IPL.