Envision Optical is pleased to announce that in late 2019 we installed the Gold Coast and Tweed Coast’s first available LIPIFLOW dry eyes treatment machine. It is only the second device in Queensland, with patients previously having needed to travel to Sydney or Melbourne for treatment. Lipiflow is designed to treat Meibomian Gland disease, the leading cause of dry eyes.

What are the Meibomian Glands?

The oils in your tear film are crucial to the stability of your vision and protection of the eyes during environmental changes such as wind or cold.

Current scientific consensus is that over 80% of dry eye sufferers have Meibomian Gland Disease or MGD. Meibomian glands are oil glands found in the eyelids along the inside of your eyelashes. There are approximately 60 or so between the 4 lids. They can become blocked and function poorly for several common reasons.

Bacteria along the lid, contact lens use, and inflammatory skin conditions are some of the main causes of gland dysfunction. Once these glands have become inflamed, the oil inside thickens like tooth paste. This results in blockage of the oil glands and ultimately damage to the glands. Once these glands have been damaged, they cannot be regenerated. Therefore, early detection and treatment of the glands is needed to preserve the ocular surface. The blockage of the glands can be cleared with Lipiflow treatment.

What does Lipiflow treatment involve?

LipiFlow is an in-office high tech treatment designed to remove blockages in the Meibomian glands, allowing them to resume normal function and produce the oils that make up the top protective layer of the tear film. LipiFlow uses a patented algorithm of precise heat applied to the inner eyelids. A gentle direct massage then removes the blockage from the Meibomian glands. LipiFlow has been FDA approved for more than 5 years and thousands of procedures have been performed world-wide. It is supported by more than 30 patents, with studies demonstrating its safe and effective results. It is designed to minimise patient discomfort during a 12 minute treatment that gently warms and massages the eyelids.

How quickly will I notice improvement after Lipiflow treatment?

You can drive yourself and have no down time from the treatment. Once the blockages have been removed, the glands can begin to resume normal oil or lipid production. This oil is essential for a healthy tear film, stable vision and ocular comfort. As normal gland function recovers, maximum results are usually experienced 6-8 weeks after treatment. Once the glands are open and functioning better you should notice improvement in vision and increased comfort of the eyes. Most patients will benefit from a re-treatment session after 12 months, although in the studies some patients had relief for up to 3 years from a single treatment.

All Gold Coast and Tweed heads patients who suffer from eye irritation and dry eyes should consider booking an appointment today to be evaluated on the cause of their symptoms and whether they would benefit from dry eye treatments like Lipiflow.

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