image of hyperopic ortho-k lens on the eye

Ortho-K Therapy Can Correct for Reading Prescriptions and Multifocal Glasses Wearers

At Envision Optical we have been offering orthokeratology or Ortho-K vision correction therapy for almost 15 years. Hundreds of Gold Coast residents have benefited from the freedom of seeing clearly all day without glasses or contact lenses. When optometrist Andrew Bowden started the treatment, it was only available for low to moderate degrees of myopia or shortsightedness, and we predominantly treated children and teenagers. With advances in technology in both eye scanning and mapping, and also lens design, a greater range of prescriptions has been added to the ortho-k treatment ranges over the last decade. This means that we have been treating Gold Coast and Tweed Heads residents who wear reading glasses or multifocal with Ortho-K therapy for the last 5 years. Wearers correct their vision while they sleep.

Everyone over 40 eventually needs reading glasses, as the lens in our eye loses its focus, however ortho-k correction allows us to continue seeing clearly to read without looking for our glasses every time. In order to correct long sighted prescriptions, hyperopic ortho-k correcting lenses use different curves on the lens to gently mould the eye shape to be slightly steeper centrally. This shape change creates greater focussing power, allowing increased reading focus for even small print.



In order to be able to still see clearly in the distance after correcting vision with hyperopic ortho-k, we can utilise two different options: mono vision correction, and even multifocal ortho-k eye moulds which create a variable contour which provides near and far focus through each eye. These techniques are highly specialised and require greater time to achieve correction, however full prescription treatment is anticipated within 2-3 weeks. The lenses must continue to be worn every night or two to maintain the eye shape in the corrected state. Each pair of lens moulds will generally last up to two years before they need replacing. Our optometrists perform a detailed vision and eye health assessment including digital mapping of corneal shape to assess suitability for treatment. Once eligibility has been confirmed, a comprehensive fitting appointment is followed by 4-6 follow up visits to ensure successful treatment. After this, check ups every 6 months ensure continued successful therapy and clear vision. Hyperopic ortho-K correction is allowing Gold Coast residents over the age of 40 to continue their active lifestyles without the hassles of spectacle wear. Come and see our optometrists at Envision Optical to assess your eligibility for treatment by booking an appointment here.