The Black Book of Colours

This is a picture book about colours but every page and every illustration is black.

The Black Book of Colours by Menena Cottin and Rosana Faría is about a boy, Thomas, who describes colours using all his senses except sight.

Thomas feels colours (“…yellow…is as soft as a baby chick’s feathers”), tastes colours (“Red is sour like unripe strawberries and as sweet as watermelon”), hears colours (“Brown crunches under his feet like autumn leaves”) and smells colours (“…green…smells like grass that’s just been cut.”)

The text is in both Braille and bold white print and the illustrations are finely embossed – falling rain, a cluster of strawberries, spiky grass, soft tendrils of hair – every page invites touch.

The Black Book of Colours

Although originally written for the vision impaired, The Black Book of Colours is suitable for all children – the evocative language and the way the text prompts all your senses gives a new perspective on colour. The book is also a good starting point for discussions about differences and helps children understand that while some people can’t see, they still experience all the things around them in a different way.

The Black Book of Colours is available from Book Depository for $19.05. Book Depository ships to Australia free of charge.

*Images and info via Babyology.