Vogue Collection at Envision Optical

The Vogue Eyeware brand was launched in 1973 taking it’s name from the fabulous and front row fashion magazine VOGUE.

It was not until the Italian brand was acquired by the Luxottuca Group in 1990 that the brand showed it truly playful side. The brand accentuates pretty, highly visible components that are fun, enticing and exhilarating. Vogue is instantaneously recognisable with its vision towards classic looks that are modern and edgy but with a soft appeal that is flattering.

The collection makes you feel like you are in a once upon a time fairy tale leaving you secretly wishing you could take home dozens.

The Vogue collection is vibrant with a sexy interpretation of modern Italian fashion. It is distinguished by modern styles as it uses narrow, low elongated shapes and explosive colours from rose to pink and ending with contemporary “tinted horn”. The collection is also fitted with the Vogue logo or small inset stones on the temples, in enriching colours for textural interest.