Wayne Cooper Collection at Envision Optical

Wayne Cooper is one of the hottest and most recognisable Australian designers today and best of all he is a British gentleman.

Wayne Cooper began his committed relationship with fashion on the streets of London’s East End, initially focused on expanding his education in Law however the drumming and pulsing catwalks of Australian lured him to our shore in 1986. He took the Australian fashion scene with fury releasing his first label Brave, a cheeky rock’n’roll style, in 1991 and adding the sexy signature label, Wayne Cooper, in 1996. Women around the world are seduced by the dark, romantic quality and men are enthralled at the charming and masculine character of the Wayne Cooper designs.

Wayne Cooper continues to dominate the Australian fashion scene with exclusive distribution through Myer and David Jones. Globally he continues to navigate the desirable department stores such as Neiman Marcus and Brown.

The Wayne Cooper Man

The Wayne Cooper man embodies confidence and a timeless style that resembles the charm of Marlo Brando, the romantic appeal of Brad Pitt and the cool brooding personality of James Dean. With this confidence comes an unwavering sense of fashion ingeniousness that is undeniably cool.

The Wayne Cooper Collections

The Wayne Cooper Collection is very trans-seasonal and the epitome of male fashion. The collection reveals a minimalistic straight cut approach to eyewear that it timeless, cultured and refined. The collection houses styles which are innovative in shape, structure and material that is designed to complement masculine features. The designs have a multitude of personal influences that are styled to adapt to any fashion situation for casual or business attire.