Vitamin A deficiency can cause several eye problems including poor night vision or night blindness, dry skin, dry eyes and higher risk of developing infections.

In ancient Egypt, they discovered night blindness could be cured by eating liver which was later found to be a source of vitamin A. As many as 400,000 children around the world may become blind each year due to Vitamin A deficiency. Insufficient Vitamin A will cause the cornea to become very dry. Sever dryness can cause corneal clouding, ulcers and vision loss. The retina can also be damaged by Vitamin A deficiency.

Converse to all the above taking to much Vitamin A can lead to liver toxicity, so the right balance is crucial. The recommended intake is:

  • 500IU for infants
  • 1000 IU for children  4-12
  • 2300IU for women
  • 3000IU for men

*3000 IU would be a cup of raw spinach or 1/5 of a cup of carrots or pumpkin.