There are usually NO SYMPTOMS in most forms of glaucoma, so it is vitally important for everyone to have their vision and eye health check every two years at least. It is only in cases of extreme high eye pressure that you would experience any pain or discomfort.

More than 300 000 Australians have glaucoma, with up to half unaware they have the disease. In advanced cases of glaucoma, patients can experience tunnel vision.


At Envision Optical our optometrists always perform a thorough examination of the optic nerve health and check your intraocular pressure at every full examination. We recommend Digital Retinal Photography as the best method of recording the optic nerve health to allow for ease of future comparison. It is a change in the nerve structure that makes us suspicious of glaucoma so documenting current health status makes future comparison much more meaningful. If glaucoma is suspected, we will recommend undergoing computerised peripheral visual field assessment, Cirrus OCT nerve scan, OCT corneal thickness assessment, and gonioscopy. All of these tests give extra information regarding the likelihood of glaucoma and the result will be analysed before deciding if referral to an ophthalmologist is required for possible treatment.