You's Collection at Envision Optical

The You’s brand is an exciting eyewear label produced by the Dutch Design house Eurovisie.

A collection full of beautiful designs and fashion forward styles it was founded in 1998 by Han Bulten from an attic in a small village in the south of the Netherlands. Having designed for other brands for 15 years he decided to launch his own signature line full of arty frames with crisp, punchy colours with undeniable international appeal. Focusing on quality, good price, and excellent customer service the brand became an internationally sought after label in more then sixty countries.

The concept of the collection is “Dutch Design” which is focused on the fundamental vision of quality construction full of clear-cut, gutsy, innovative designs.

The collection is something special as the colours, shapes and prints are trademarked making them truly unique and individual.

The You’s collection is trendsetting without the desperation to be noticed. It is high on functionality, design and detailing making it comfortable and durable to wear. The ladies collection is ultra feminine, elegant and artistic. The men’s designs are functional, disciplined and clean, and ooze quality.